Signs and Syncs


A pleasant one 🙂 I mean I won’t talk about shadow stuff. I’ll talk about magic actually. And with a lot of storytelling elements /prepare :D/. Ugh I’ve just said that the rest of the blog is not that pleasant, hahahah.

So… When you awaken and then begin little by little to live in this extended reality – like switching between the 3D-4D-5D dimensions – you start experience some stuff I first found supernatural. But let’s call it in general getting signs and syncs /synchronicities/. Unbelievable “coincidences”. Numbers, songs, objects, animals, symbols that are “chasing” you. Dreams. Telepathy. And many, many more.

But in fact it is completely natural, right. It is like your senses open more and you are able to hear/see/feel more things. It is a layer of existence that was always here for you but you just weren’t at the respective frequency so not able to receive info through that channel. When someone says: My guides are not responding to me – what is truly happening is they are responding, all the time, but the answers are coming through a channel you are still not able to get submissions from. And that’s perfectly fine. Remember – everything with its divine timing. And I know – if you haven’t experienced it yet, you won’t be able to understand and of course most probably you will say – blah, non-sense, she is imagining stuff. But I am pretty sure if you are reading blogs like this you’ve already started to have such “supernatural” experiences.

How did it start for me. Let’s say I was always open to such things, interested in spiritual stuff since schoolgirl. So I was reading about that kind of experiences, it resonated, I felt it is true – but in fact experienced such on my own very rare. That’s because my mind was focused elsewhere  and it is quite obsessive you know, keeps talking and talking and analyzing and searching for proves. Exhausting 😉 Totally distracted by the illusion cage – as the purpose of the 3D reality truly is.

This started changing somewhere in 2014-2015. Those “strange” things somehow began to happen more often. I wasn’t paying attention first. But sometimes I was like: Wait a minute, how is this possible? It is too weird to be just regular coincidences. What I mean – like hearing one and the same song /no, no Despasito, not a popular one at all :D/ at most unexpected places and time. Meeting people I haven’t seen for decades – guess – at most unexpected places and situations and finding out they have important information to share with me or in some mysterious way know other people or other significant things for me in that moment. And that was not just once or twice. Or for example having such experiences every time around some cosmic event – like full moon, new moon, eclipse, whatever. Believe me, I wasn’t searching for this. It was not like I knew there was a full moon ahead and expected something to happen and then – voila! – something happened. Not at all. But after all this started I tried to find explanation and was searching for information and if other people have similar experiences and what they think about it and so on… So turned out I am not alone. At all. Wow, there is a whole new universe behind the one I knew! A divine orchestration. Behind everything. It was a bit scary.

Then after I awakened more fully into my higher purpose and started being more conscious about these things, it just became part of my daily life. But it keeps amazing me. It brings pure magic in my routine, believe me. Because it makes me feel I am part of the flow, in alliance with the divine will. I know how it sounds lol 🙂

So, back to the topic. If we need to distinguish between the signs and syncs – I don’t want to get into some theory and classification mode really – but still: signs are let’s say things in the outside world that catch your attention, like unexpected things, out of the ordinary routine: repetitive numbers, repetitive songs, feathers, clouds, whatever you think in that connection. Syncs are more like happenings – internal and external or combined – when you have experience that is corresponding very strongly with some other although there is totally no logical connection between them. Signs and syncs can me combined as well 🙂 Ah too abstract and confusing all that explanations… Let’s do some examples!


Numbers are huge part of the communication between me and divine. I was even called numbers beast recently hahaha. What I mean. I see a lot of repetitive numbers. In waves. Like for example recently I see a lot of 777. Sometimes I can see let’s say 222, 333 and 666 – more often then others. Then it might be 555 all around. Often I see subsequent numbers as well: 1234, 5678, etc. Mirror numbers – 1221. Sandwich numbers lol: 272.

I am talking about clock numbers, numbers on cars license plates, numbers on leaflets, billboards, street numbers, tables, search results, songs duration – like this number just stoles your attention, you have no intention to look, but it grabs you, draws you. I see also important dates – sometimes it gets insane, I am telling you, they are just all around! Like I am going out. Just spontaneously I look at some car license number and see certain numbers. Keep walking/driving. Then my eyes stop on other car, with no intention – wow, same numbers again. That could repeat for 5-6 times in 15 minutes. Definitely gets your attention. Just recently – I was at some training. The wallpaper of the trainer was an image of a car /a Porshe ;)/. It got showed quite a lot on the screen. Guess what it had on its license plate. From all possible number combinations. A significant date for me. Mirrored. That I see about 20 times per day, no maybe more.

Another story. You know, I understand I kind of became a numbers freak. Really. My mind is now so used to find those patterns that sometimes it drives me crazy. Of course it works in both directions – numbers appear and I register but as well I search for them semi-consciously and they appear. That’s perfectly normal. Communication takes two sides, right. So back to my story. I was driving. All at a sudden something weird began to happen. I started seeing waves of numbers. All cars around me all at a sudden had let’s say number 68 /doesn’t matter what is it, but all cars just had it/. Then few minutes later – all cars with 49 f.e. After that 51. 77. And so on. Like a cascade. It was like I was bombarded with those numbers /not that I understood the meaning behind, hahah/. But was sooo weird. For about 10-15 minutes.

And my favorite story LOL. I got a message about a new video from a channel I follow on youtube. Opened it. Hmmm it had 111 likes and 1 dislike. Looked as 1111 on the screen. Started watching /well, more listening while doing other things/. At some point I opened it to check how long it went – the clock was showing 11:11 and the video was exactly on 11:11 point. Man! It was like a message with bold red letters: Dear Iglika, Please pay full attention here. Regards, Divine Will. That was a combo between signs and syncs.

General meaning of the numbers you can google very easy. Plenty of information. But as for all signs  – it is meant specifically for you, so you need to interpret through your point of view – considering your experiences, the way you feel at the time you see it, what you are thinking about, so very complex. I will talk about finding the meaning at the end ;). Just giving a hint. Hmmm now is 11:22, just spontaneously looked at the clock 🙂 

Words and letters 

Same as for the above, but with certain words or letters. F.e. twice I tried that auto writing thing. Both times I was writing just words – in English and Bulgarian, not sentences, but words – all starting with the letter S. Later thought about it and turned out there are lots of significant stuff in my life with that letter. Even the shape of it is meaningful: the latin letter is like half 8 /infinity/. The Cyrillic one /С/– half circle!


Other very common way universe to talk to me. As I love music and it is huge part of my life. So how can songs talk. One way is like for example I wake up and in my head keeps repeating some song – not one I’ve listened to soon or that is playing a lot on the radio /De-spa-sito,…/, just out of nowhere. Some old forgotten song. Or song I connect with something. Other way is of course I hear some song more often than usual. On the radio in the car. Several times. Someone listens to it in the office. In the restaurant. A salsa version on it on a salsa party. Also – youtube suggestions. Love this. Often youtube is suggesting me artists and songs I’ve never heard before. And often the lyrics are answering questions I had in the current moment. Or cheering me up. There was a song that was chasing me so obvious that it became creepy. It predicted to me what I will experience exactly an year later. In the same month.


Recently my attention is very often cought by the light – I mean the way sun is shining, the rays, reflections, colors changing, sparks. Sometimes it points a place or an object. Also rainbows and spot rainbows. Sparkling water drops. Usually that’s angels. Have to admit feels amazing.


That could be certain objects or images you constantly see. Like feathers. Sacred geometry. Stones or crystals. Yin-yang or hearts or infinity symbol. Could be a bird. Or animal. Or for example phoenix. Butterfly. It is like everyone has conspired to use this image or talk about it – books you read, movies, companies logo, ads, jewels. I have experiences with all of the above but let me share the roses story. I was always drawn to the image of the rose. Mesmerized with it. Love to take pics of roses. See roses shaped like forms often. Turned out I have quite a lot clothes with roses prints. Oh and a bracelet with roses. And ear rings. Ha, you know how is my name translated in English: Primrose! Once I got as a guidance that phrase: bloom like a rose in May. Then a bit later on my singing lessons my teacher gave me a song with “like a rose that blooms in May” in the lyrics. My soul sister, Ina, having a dream about roses and sharing with me in the morning. And so on… list of examples is so long. As for the meaning – it is a very used symbol, lots of history, studies can be written about it – and they are. I will point one very significant – represents divine feminine energy. Soft, tender, beautiful, oval, but in the same time strong and powerful and… don’t forget the thorns.


As you can see universe is very creative and innovative as it comes to the language it speaks to us. But sometimes it talks directly with words using a person you’ve met or are in communication with. I’ve heard people suddenly talking to me with changed voice and using different vocabulary then they usually do and saying very important things. Or texting me such. Without knowing this is significant info for me. Telepathy as well. Already have mentioned my soul sister, Ines, she is on the other side of the world, never met in physical but oh my so many syncs are happening while talking /texting/. Unbelievable. So many that is hard to list just few. So will tell you one from yesterday. I sent her a pic of my nails 20170809_192137 /ugh that’s my chic part, sorry :)/ saying “Eclipse nails” /because there is a sun eclipse on my nails, hahah, I know…/. In the same second I typed “eclipse” she was listening to a song and exactly at that same time the singer said “eclipse”. So pretty interesting things might happen for us around the eclipse in few weeks 😉 /12:34 now, just sharing/.

Also often when people are asking me something or sharing stories or discussing things I kind of like get some info about them and communicate it. Sometimes I say/write things I had no intention to. Here happens as well :D.

Cosmic events 

Those are just giant signs… Again – I noticed certain patterns and later found out there was some cosmic event behind it. Not the opposite. Believe it or not. Could be retrogrades. Aspects. Eclipses. Equinoxes and Solstices. Just energy around such is intense. Important events in your life might happen – just the potential for this is bigger. So pay attention but don’t get scared or put expectations, don’t become a maniac. Live your life. Do your daily routine without worry. Just – be aware, know. Don’t focus on negative aspects – we all are – because you are attracting them with more power during those periods. So chill. All is well 🙂 Just don’t freak out all technic is behaving insane. Energy. It is what it is.

Wow, that one became long, didn’t it… So it is about time to finish. They could be lots of other types of signs and syncs, huge variety, truly. Those are the most common for me. The point is – what everyone is asking after experience such things – But what does it mean, what is the message. I can’t tell you. No one can. Even google. Only you know ;).

That used to drive me crazy you know. Because my mind is not easy. As it is the mind asking this. Sometimes I was able to make rational logical sense of the signs and get clear message. Most of the time – no. At the end I realized the meaning is not to be understood with the mind! Of course. It is the way you feel about the sign. You might asking yourself questions, or hesitating to take decision, or being stubborn to act in certain way that is not in your highest good. So all the signs and syncs are first to show you are not alone, 3d reality is an illusion, there is a higher meaning for all that happens and you are divinely guided and supported. Then – they might be pointing the answer you are searching for. Or be like warnings /not that they are bad signs but they can point you are going in unpleasant direction for you or you just need to be careful/. And also – they can show you the different timelines you have the power to choose, like saying: See, if you follow that way you will experience this timeline, if you change direction – that one. Like crossroad signs. You choose. Not that they tell you what to do. But it is then a choice made of out awareness.

In fact – I am telling you, my life became filled with magic and joy being able to experience this. To feel in sync! You will love it 🙂

P.S. Looking for an image for that article – I liked that quote and googled pictures for it – I ran into that pic with Disney’s little mermaid. My favorite character /wink!/.

P.S.S. And check that movie 😉 2.22 Movie Trailer


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