When it comes to energy shifts most of the people expect some miracle event that will transform the world with a magic brush /would be great, wouldn’t it/. And very often those expectations become disappointments. I was one of those people. I was hearing about energy portals, gateways – dates or places – and was like yay, finally, expecting that I will wake up in the next morning and – voila! – I will be shifted into a new better world. That was my /stupid/ ego 3D mind trying to understand the concept of energy shifts, energy transformations. Like something that could be seen with the eyes. That can be proved in the material world. To go to all the non-believers and say: told ya! Sweet funny ego 🙂

But with the time and doing the inner work I started feeling the energy. And the way it changes. Because usually it is like the air you breath – you don’t consciously feel the air, it is a process that is happening without your mind to notice it. Same with energy. But when you start clearing stuff you become more and more sensitive and little by little, layer by layer, you remove the “noise” and start being aware of what is going on at energy level. And that those changes are happening inside out, not the opposite. First it is only you that can notice and the transformation is within yourself only. And then it comes into the material world. The time between those two points /linear time is an illusion, remember/ depends on the level of selfmastery, your abilities to ground the energy into the 3D. I have still plenty to work here but it gets easier with practicing and the success rate is increasing recently 🙂

These energy changes can be felt as quite real sensations in your body. Even painful sometimes. Actually most of the time… Like heartaches. Or headaches. Or ear ringing. Or blurry eyes. Or dizziness. Or nausea. Sleep issues. Sometimes they become an illness – because you keep ignoring them. Might be emotional drops as well. Crying and being suddenly sad for ridiculous reasons. Anger just out of nowhere /haha it is actually a good excuse – oh, sorry, just those energy shifts… still we need to be responsible in our actions and reactions – Iglika, are you listening – and that’s why the best thing in such moments is to be alone, although very often is not possible/. Could be also losing the abilities to focus your mind. Being unable to use the mind for a while. Stuff like this… and more. 

Some people feel these more intense. Because they agreed to clear not only for themselves, but for the collective. Call them empaths. Or lightworkers. Or whatever. It doesn’t mean these people are better or worse than others. They are just different. Souls that chosen this perfectly intentionally /yeah guys it is our own choice, no one to blame/. To be like transmitters. To help earth and its inhabitants to go through this huge process of energy transformation. To make the dimensions leap. You might laugh of course but it is quite real. Even the most skeptical are starting to notice that somehow something is different, has changed. Media doesn’t want us to know. Certain individuals don’t want us to know. Because of the game for power. And that’s why they are distracting us and putting our senses to sleep. But even so – it is unstoppable, folks 🙂 No way back to the old dead matrix.

For example I can see with my own eyes that the sunlight is different. Honestly. It is just not the same. It is more bright, shining, sparkling, more colorful. And more… golden and violet. And like it is alive and conscious /yeah I know how this sounds/. But that’s my own perception of it of course. Other people might see different but still – it looks somehow changed. 

Ok, at the end let’s try to be a bit practical… How can we make it through this easier and with less turbulence? Let’s add some bullet points, love bullet points:

  • First: be aware of it. That there is an energy shift going on and that’s the reason you feel in a certain way. And know – no matter how bad you feel, it will pass. It always does. Promise.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Breathе deep.
  • Will repeat that one: breathе deep. Very important.
  • Ground yourself: sports, going in nature, animals, playing.
  • Music.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Rest and sleep more if possible.
  • If you feel like this – get into a community that has similar experiences, sometimes it helps to relate to others going through the same and to feel understood and.. not that crazy :). But be careful and know your boundaries.
  • Meditation. The best way. Connecting with your higher self and asking for divine assistance.
  • Try to avoid all possible stuff that lowers your vibration: alchohol, drugs, junk food, people, television… Of course it is possible to a certain level, but still…

Well actually with the time I started enjoying it. And you get lots of magical synchronicities, you know. After each… let say… challenging period… you feel significantly better. With every new shift you start mastering it quicker and less painful. The results start coming faster and lasting more. So no need to be afraid. In fact – it is a best thing that can happen to you and we are truly lucky to live here on Earth in these amazing times! So: shift is happening, enjoy!

P.S. “Accidentally” I ran into that site today – here you can find a detailed and excellent grounded explanations of what we are talking about… Timeline-Reality Split, Frequency Vibration, and the Hidden Forces of Life



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