Divine timing


Beautiful phrase, isn’t it. But one of the hardest things to learn – it is very much connected with Letting go and It is what it is philosophy.

The struggle comes because we think it is about patience. That we need to learn waiting. Well it kind of is. But this is from our earthly 3D linear point of view. It isn’t truly about waiting – waiting is not productive! It is about being in complete trust everything will happen in the best possible moment for all involved. Not when your ego wants it and thinks it needs to happen. It might not happen at all – and that’s totally ok. Because it is again for our best.

I have to admit – I am so not that type of person. Being calm, go with the flow, just knowing all will be well. No… I want everything to happen right now, why is not happening, I did everything I was supposed to do, so why isn’t working, when it will happen, I can’t wait a second more. Like this. Moon in Aries like ;). That’s why I am having a whole bunch of lessons about it. That there is a divine timing and everything is unfolding with perfect speed and comes to me in the perfect moment or doesn’t come to me /btw as a confirmation for this I am seeing a lot of subsequent numbers – like 1234, 5678, etc./.

In fact this is the way time runs in 5D. Not linear. But frequency based. See, in 5D type of existence you can chose the timelines to experience! Because in fact there is no linear time, it is a human mind creation, linear time doesn’t exist. It is the mind that is fixed to a certain point, our soul in fact exists in many moments and places at once. It is all our “past” and “future” selves simultaneously. Everything is happening in that current moment, all possibilities are available in that current moment and it is up to you to choose, to drag what you want to experience! It truly works. Of course I still need to master it by myself ;). But it is truly exciting when it got proved to me several times – by “accident”.

Now, when you come to that point to be able to jump through the timelines – you will also have the understanding, what it is truly good for you and what needs to be postponed. Because you will see things from soul point of you, from your higher self point of view. Some experiences we desperately desire might need time so we can grow enough and be ready for them. And if we get them in that moment we want – meaning now – it will be harder for us to experience their full potential, we might have struggle and be in pain because of that ego rush. Simply because we first need to learn something more – usually that something is self love! So divine timing is practically our higher self’s timing – because our higher self sees the “best” timeline for us, the one that will make our soul evaluate the most. And until we completely become our higher self and be able to choose by ourselves – the best way will be to let the divine timing handle everything. To relax. Because we are not alone. Everything – literally, every tiny little detail in our life – is for a reason. So don’t fight it. Trust universe will bring to you all you need and desire in the best moment. Don’t kick and scream when, why, how. That makes things worst. If it is for you, it will be in your life. If not – you will be saved from pain and sorrow.

One hint – if you want to have something in your life – material stuff, people, skills – then… be that something. That’s the key to clear the blocks and “delays” in front of the divine timing. Just act like you already have it. Feel like you already have it. Smell, sound, look like you already have it! Become it. And very important – don’t fix yourself to the deadlines, to the linear time illusion, leave it to the divine will. Remember – you already got this in some of the timelines. In that same moment you are experiencing what you desire in some other parallel timeline! Honestly – sometimes I have like flashes from this realities and I can see signs in my current 3D material environment certain things happened – although they haven’t “really”. At least from my current point of view.

Yes, I know – easier said than done. But… it is a great start. On your way to self mastery.







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