Relationships: Soul family


So interesting how I am guided to write about something without any preliminary intention in my head…

Soul family. It is part of the new way people are connected.

For years we are stuck in old patterns when it comes to our relationships with other – already talked about in Relationships: Ego vs. Soul. Our mind is focused on the outside world and can’t truly see the people in our lives beyond our and their ego masks. According to those templates: the blood and low connections are that matter the most. But in fact most of them we haven’t chosen consciously /well, our souls have but we are not aware and not truly understand the reason behind it – it feels like we had no word and it is a matter of “luck”/. One is for sure – all these connections are for a reason and our souls chose them so it can learn and grow. Even the painful and abusive ones. In most cases we have the so called soul contracts with these people. So when someone is pissing and even torturing us – we should be grateful, because this is part of what we agreed to do together so we can get triggered and be able to see stuff we have to heal and clear, learn and evaluate. Of course it is hard to come to this realization, we often remain in anger and deny and try to solve the situation through the ego tools – running or fighting. Such connections are usually karmic ones. Very often those are souls we already have shared our earthly lifetime experience several times. The family we are born in, our friends and people we work with. We might like them or not, have things in common or not – but they are in our lives, we have to interact with them.  

That’s the tricky part. In our amnesia we often create more blockages and karma to clear during our relations with these people. Circling in our ego fights for power. We literally lose our energy in co-dependency and competition. To be freed from the soul contracts and to go out from that spiral we need first to become aware of this process, to go within and find the issues – our own issues, because it is all about us, it is no one else “fault” – and set intention to heal and clear. And then work towards it. Doing the Inner work.

That’s why very often we feel exhausted after being around these people. Feel stuck. Empty. Annoyed for no reason. But remember: it is not the people that make us feel this way. It is us not being able to face our issues and keep repeating old patterns we need to overcome.

With our soul family it is completely different! You know, now is the time to start coming together with our soul family. Time of breaking old relationship models apart. Especially after awakening – all at a sudden you start meeting people you just click with from the  first moment! They feel close, no matter the physical or age distance or for how long you know them. You can share everything and you are never misunderstood. No need to pretend, to have strategy. You can be who you truly are – and you are perfectly accepted and even loved no matter what. That’s sooooo relieving. Feels so good to interact like this. You are literally vibrating on the same frequency. It is amazing how synchronized you are. You get similar signs, have similar issues, same insights, same desires. You can read your thoughts. No expectations, no blame, no need to explain, compete or argue. Skin color, religion, culture, place of living, gender, age – all these don’t matter at all. You can talk for hours. Then you can be silent for months. It is still the same. The feeling of belonging. The perfect match. There is no need to express how you feel – you just know. No need of outside exteriorization and confirmation. You just can’t get truly upset and mad with these people. You are like in a permanent compassion and love mode with them.

It is like this because these souls are similar to you in your energetic origin. Meaning they are soul clusters and soul groups – like in the blood relation, but on soul level, connected through their similar energy imprint. You are influencing each other. When one starts to evaluate faster and increases the vibration, all the others are being pushed to follow. Because you are connected. Like you are holding hands or no – like your hands are tied up with a rope and if someone starts running you need to follow, to run as fast as the rest.

So when connecting with your soul family you are literally rising your vibration. Like your frequency is…multiplied /ok, not a proper term maybe but the words language is not the best tool to explain ;)/. After being with such soul – no matter if in physical or connected online – you are filled with energy, excited, light. Smiling. 

Little by little we will move to this type of communication. To choose to be around people we resonate with. Very soon all the frustration and anxiety we are currently experiencing interacting with people will be a memory fading away. This is what we are here for, to bring this new consciousness and new way of living on this beautiful planet. And… to be happy!


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