Natural Antidepressants


Recently it has been quite serious here, hasn’t it… Seriousness is heavy. We need to go into a lighter frequency, the frequency of joy!

So here I am going to talk about the proven tools that bring you back to joy. That I call natural antidepressants, my list of healing activities.

 1.       Laugh

Laughing is changing the vibration immediately, like spreading away the heavy and worrying energy. Use every opportunity to laugh! If hard to find some – fake it, even trying to laugh can help. But in fact they are plenty of situations during the day that can make you laugh if you allow. Especially at yourself, that’s so good! Not to take yourself seriously. /11:11 now ;)/ So when my 10 minutes of fire and anger /Moon in Aries people/ are gone, all the stuff like me getting lost on the streets, parking ridiculously, hitting myself on furniture, losing things, breaking things, talking non-sense etc. becomes really, really funny! I am like a never ending source of humor. Also you can choose to watch comedies or funny series instead of the news and drama.

 2.       Move

That’s my favorite. I am totally addicted. Moving my body – sports, dancing, walking, stretching – feels sooooo good. True medicine. Very effective one. For me as embodying the feminine energy following activities have the best effect:

–          Pole dance – this is so, so amazing, highly recommend! It makes you balance masculine and feminine – because in the same time you need to be strong, persistent, powerful and fearless and as well graceful, sexy, soft, entertaining. It is excellent for both body and spirit, you feel more confident. And – it is huge fun, huge! /Love and admire all the amazing girls at Sonya Pole Studio/

–          Zumba – it is so dynamic, love the music and the energy and like all the jumping and moving pushes away all the worries and painful thoughts. And again it’s a girls thing more, we are having these girl talks, laugh and being chicky – Sex and The City like. And of course It makes you fit and beautiful!

–          Salsa and latin dances – latin music is naturally based on the frequency of joy, you know. All the instruments and beats, the lyrics – like the Caribbean sun is encoded in there, it just spreads molecules of happiness. Also in social dancing you are being lost in this amazing connection between you, your partner and the music, a beautiful triangle. You are in the flow of the music, just following the signals, not thinking, just becoming the dance, the music.

–          Yoga – going more within, connecting with your essence and your body, it has a tremendous effect. It is working on all levels, combining physical and spiritual practice.

 3.       Sing

Singing is one of the most powerful tools to shift your energy. It is more than entertainment. It has true energy healing and raising power. You start mastering the vibration, because singing itself is vibrating on different frequencies, controlling that vibration and create beautiful energy figures, even sacred geometry. Sacred Geometry by Sound . Your voice has huge transformation powers, it literally can transform matter! Like alchemy. You don’t need to be a singer actually. You are not doing it to become a superstar and people to adore you, hahaha. It is a spiritual practice, very powerful one. So sing in every possible moment. Especially when you feel down. Listening to music can have a similar effect as well – but not so intensive. Still it is a matter of connecting with the sound vibrations.

 4.       Sunlight

That one takes minimum efforts LOL. Just go outside and stay in the sunlight. It is pure magic. You know, the light is alive and conscious actually. It is like injecting you with high dose love and endorphins. Ok, you need to have a sun protection cream if you plan to stay for a while in the sunlight, our 3D skin is still not fully adjusted to those new higher frequencies and codes that are coming with the sunlight. But I feel in the near future we would be able to protect it by ourselves, not with outside tools.

 5.       Soul family

When you start this whole journey little by little or just at once in huge groups you start finding and connecting with your soul family. Those can be people you have nothing in common in terms of blood and genes but that are very close to you on soul level, you are energetically relating, resonating at the same frequency. Those can be people at the other side of the world or just next to you, you can be relatives or completely strangers, but you speak one soul language, read your thoughts, connect on entirely different level and the whole interaction is extremely healing and enlightening for both sides. Like when two waves meet each other, transform into one and increase their amplitude /I am sorry for my so non-science language :D, but I hope you get what I mean; in case some scientists by mistake are reading this – excuse me/. You are always understood and loved unconditionally by your soul family. They have no requirements and expectations on you you need to fulfill to win their love and attention. That’s one of the most amazing feeling actually. To be in sync with those souls.

 6.       Nature

I don’t need to convince you in the healing powers of nature, do I. I am pretty sure all of you have experienced it. Even going in the city park can improve your state tremendously. Not to speak about the sea, forests, mountains, lakes… The effect will be greater if you are conscious  – connect with nature, with the trees, flowers, the water, feel its presence and how it affects your being. Send love and gratitude.  

 7.       Kids and animals

They are pure and natural and still not programmed. They are innocent. You can learn from them. The way they react, they live. The way they are amazed by the world and they express their emotions. The way they connect with others. If they love you it is not because of your appearance, money or behavior but because they like your energy. They feel good being in your presence. They can sense the true you. You don’t need have certain qualities. But you need to be authentic. So the presence of such beings is very healthy and healing, when you can relate to them, to see through their eyes. And the play element – very important. Playing can shift your perception. Gives you quick access to the other realms. Eliminates the heavy energy – similar to laughing.

8.       Doing my nails

I am telling you, that thing just heals! I know it sounds ridiculous. But fact. After going to do my nails all the worries and sadness is gone! And every time I look at my nails I am happy and smiling. Sorry guys, there should be a respective thing for you as well LOL. Maybe doing some fancy stuff for your car 😉

 Ah so, they became 8, lovely. 8 represents infinity, higher support and plenty of other things and has a deep spiritual meaning, but also a special meaning for myself, it is my life mission number 🙂 /but not to me confused with the life path number/! Perfect synchronization.


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