Letting go


The “let go” concept has been pointed so much recently that it kind of became a cliché. But it is essential. And I feel this is where a lot of us are struggling.

It is like you are holding a rope and you don’t know how far is the ground below you. But sticking to that rope is… killing you. Let’s say the rope is in fire. And at the end there is no other way for you but to release it. Otherwise you will be burned out. Jump! My very first guidance :).


We are holding to our old ways of existing. Our old personalities, our roles. But those are ghosts now. Helloooo :). The world changed. The frequency changed, it raised enormously. Just check Schumann resonance in google and the rates it has reached just recently – above 100 on May 8th, actually I couldn’t sleep that night and felt very strange overall. It is unbelievable. This planet is fully transforming and so are we no matter how disconnected from it we have gone and how stuck in our heads we are to feel it. Still we are in this inertia of existing in the old familiar way, although it is not working anymore. It takes time the material world to adjust, to be able to see the changes in physical. But most of the people already feel it. That it is not the same. That they are not the same. And turns out letting go is just crucial for our further survival.

What you need to let go of are all those old concepts about yourself – like being weak, victim of the circumstances, being unworthy, being not good enough. They are based on your past experience and are creating blockages in your way as a  master of your own reality. Like millstones, that are stopping you to come to the surface, pulling you down. Those fake images of yourself are usually connected with certain circumstances in your life – like jobs, relationships, places, people, material things, habits, activities. Or… all of them together. Your luggage. Imagine that are in fact boxes full with mostly unnecessary stuff, standing in your way to happiness, to freedom. Sometimes that pile is that big that you can’t see anything behind it. You think that’s all that exist. That stuff you need to carry and carry and it gets bigger and bigger until it smashes you. So good news! That’s just a wall! And there is a beautiful world behind it. It can be destroyed. Just start cleaning. Piece by piece. Some of the boxes you can transform and take with you through inner work. They will become light and easy and won’t put any unpleasant weight on you. The rest… you need to learn to let go. Easy… one by one.

And it is very important not to go into a deny for those things, they were not waste of time, they happened for a reason, they gave you what you needed from these experiences in that moment, made you who you are, they are lessons and blessings in the same time. You should be grateful. And let them go with love and appreciation. Although your ego will hate them and curse them in most cases, it is easier for it because of the pain. Like what is not meant to stay with me should be wrong and bad, otherwise I am a loser. So not true. But so ego. You know, like what is happening with the food and your body – where came this analogy from, haha, but it fits so well – it is a natural process. You don’t need to regret you’ve eaten the food only because it will be later released and you will get hungry again, right?

So what you are letting go is neither wrong nor bad. It is not a mistake you’ve made. It is perfectly fine. It is just not resonating with you anymore. It is a “show” on a different channel. Like you are transmitting on one frequency but trying to receive information from different one. It is so exhausting actually. Feels heavy, unhealthy and just not right in general. I know it is extremely hard to let go of things you love – you think you love, you are just attached to them, co-dependent. It is breaking connections on many levels and that hurts. Because your ego has inosculated there, it identified with those things. It is like you are cutting your own ego with a knife. Of course it is screaming and in pain. 

Letting go is working in both directions. The things you let go are also released from your blocking energy, they are free to go their way and to grow. Because you holding on to them was like playing a song on repeat and not able to move to the next one. Like staying in a job you are literally sick of, all your cells are screaming go away, but no – you need that salary, right, it is the necessary evil, everybody hates their job, right, we need to be responsible and work hard to get an income, other people are counting on us, we just can’t afford to think about what’s good for me, it is so selfish! This is fear. Fear you are not good enough to get a better job, fear you won’t be accepted from others anymore, fear you will fail, fear of change. Same is with releasing connections and habits that are not serving your purpose anymore. But think: what can happen? Ok, you can get broken and… what?… starve to death, have no place to live in, be alone and miserable for the rest of your life, lose people and things you “love”. Like Andrew Martin is saying /just love that guy/ – So Fucking What?

Yes, those are the most probable scenarios if you don’t truly let go of the thing you need to let go. Those concepts and templates based on past experiences and collective fears. Because it is up to you! There is no external force acting against you. It is you, all you. But unless you willingly chose yourself, you will create a reality where you are weak and are beaten by the cruel and unfair outside world. Even if it happens – so what? You won’t die! And if you do – you won’t be worried about it anymore, right? I know how frightened it is. But… you are not alone. There is this divine will that takes care of you. Believe it or not. There is. All the time. Trust and shut up your mind so you can feel it. You will be fine.

Understand, it is more than just leaving your job. You need to let go of all the past and future that are screaming “you will fail!”. To let go of what others think of you, of their expectations and requirements, of your expectations and requirements, of all the masks and roles you are forced by the society rules to play. The key is the Now moment. With a capital N. That’s the most essential information here: the key to let go and to be in a state of joy and peace is to live in the current moment, people. Be aware of it. Breath. Feel the sunlight. See the colors. Listen to the sounds. Feel your body, how it reacts, how it responds. It is not that bad isn’t it. Practice it as often you can. Practice, practice, practice! You will start feeling this pulsation, this energy of the existence. And will start synchronize with it. With the flow. Even if something “bad” happens to you – in that state you will be able to act more efficient and to overcome it quickly and with ease. And there is always a high reason behind it – you will be able to feel it so even if you are sad, and frustrated, and miserable – you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it will pass and at the end all will be well. By living in the Now you are creating a far better tomorrow and you are taking the best from yesterday.

It is just things are not working the way they were in the near past anymore and all the preceptorial failure stories are not applicable anymore. What you’ve been told was not entirely wrong, it is just… old, not up-to-date. Choose the success story. Know your power. Get your power back! It is not the government, the corporations, the society, your parents that are deciding on behalf of you. I am telling you – the way we are existing truly changed. What was true and working for millennia is now gone with the wind /of change :)/. It is about time to finally accept it and… start mastering it.



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