Living as your Higher Self


Have you ever noticed this silent presence behind your thoughts. Like something and someone is watching you from a distance. No? Then I guess I sound completely crazy, right, it happens a lot :D. For me it is like in the background, behind all the ego-mind tweeting and squeaking – oh excuse me the important decisions your ego-mind is taking every second starting with what you are going to eat for lunch, going through where should kids go to school and finishing with ah that corrupted government, all is so unfair and it gets only worse – in the background is something else, someone else.  Who?

Sometimes you receive thoughts that are just coming out of nowhere. You have no intention to think about certain thing. In fact – your mind was focused on a completely different place. But – somehow it can’t get out of your head. Who is sending this stuff? Like the mind is the operating system, but who have installed it? Who is monitoring the performance? Who makes you do things you never intended to, things your mind classifies as craziness? Sometimes you can truly get pissed because of this. But at the end it always turns out you did the best for the moment. And even you got saved from trouble. It is our linear perception of time that makes us think we did something wrong. Not being able to see all the cords and scenarios. But in fact… it is all so perfectly orchestrated.

I’ve mentioned the Higher Self several times already. I have completely no intention to design pompous theories and define terms, I am not a psychologists or whatever, for me this is the way to name that aspect of our soul, that is operating here on earth behind the ego. You know, initially the ego was meant to act as a supporting tool for our Higher Self – our true essence – here in the physical reality. Somehow it kind of took over… like the cancer cell. That starts acting against the whole being. Anyways, it happened for a reason, poor ego is not bad, just unaware, the point is when we start releasing the control of the ego little by little we start merging, identifying with our higher self. Our true self. In fact… this can often be an entirely different person. 

Your Higher Self is the connection. Between your human, physical being and the soul plane, your light being, respectively your essence, your source of existence. It is your soul in the earthly realm. It is in fact multidimensional and exists simultaneously in many dimensions and timelines, not fixed to just one as your mind is. But in the same time it still has individual characteristics, preferences, feelings, opinion. But also has the understanding of what stays behind them as energy patterns, sees behind the 3D illusion. Your Higher Self would never want to hurt someone, it feels the connection with all beings, feels one with all souls. In the same time it is unique – like the snowflakes – an unique energy structure, beautiful and perfect the way it is. OK, some souls are twin souls, meaning they have the same energy imprint. They chose to split their one soul in two physical beings because of the enormous amount of energy released during the magnetic pull journey to find and be with your soul mirror. Earth needs this special type of energy right now. Still each twin has a higher self on their own. In fact the higher selves of such souls are all the time connected and together.

Ah I just imagined the reaction of all the normal, rational, pragmatic, stucked in science boxes people – no offence please – but fortunately for both sides they wouldn’t even read such stuff until that point :P.

Back :). The Higher Self is not all the time attached to the physical body. It can travel. Sometimes you can see it in the eyes of the person or hear it speaking through him/her. This is when ego steps back. Then you are able to interact with someone’s true essence. It is extremely beautiful, believe me. Sometimes you can feel someone else’s higher self around you. I mean  – even physical. Might sound scary but is not. Because our Higher Self is always in the state of love, it can’t be evil and harm so feeling someone’s higher essence around is quite pleasant. Usually it is someone we can’t be with in physical but cares about us. You can as well get messages from other people’s higher selves. You can talk to a person’s higher self when communication in physical is not possible. You hust need to set the intention. But know that what you send you will receive respectively so if you send negative energy you will get it back. Mirroring.

The Higher Self can guide us and point directions, but it can’t force us – our ego minds – to act in certain way. You have free will. You choose. You decide. You can follow or ignore. First seems very hard to connect and to hear this guidance. I was like it is impossible to distinguish between mind and soul, how could I know. That’s what you need the Inner work for 😉 It clears the channel so to say. But know that sometimes Higher Self can take over. No matter your free will and ego stubbornness. They are critical moments in your life when this intervention is needed. For your highest good. For everyone’s highest good.

OK, little by little you start merging with that true essence of yours. Usually it doesn’t happen overnight. You are constantly swinging between ego and higher self, like dancing :). But at least you start being conscious. When in ego you know you are in ego. Don’t be hard on yourself /oh, who is saying this haha/. Forgive yourself being in ego and creating energy blockages you need to heal later. We are all learning. How to live our true lives and to be authentic. And while learning is completely normal to make “mistakes”, it is actually the best way to learn.

In fact you become entirely different person. Your old unaware self just… dies. Everything changes. People start seing you with new eyes, treating you different – normal, you are a different being now. You change even physically. F.e. my eyes color changed a little. And the shape of my face is a bit different as well. Your relations change and how they do. As your frequency is different /ah in this paragraph I use a lot of “different” – in fact 5 times so far, 5 means change ;)/ it is like most of the people from your current surrounding just can’t adjust to your new channel so to say. They can’t “hear” you anymore. You can’t relate. From the old point of perception this seems like a tragedy. End of the world. Well it is. But it is actually quite normal and natural. You just don’t belong to your herd anymore. You are like above any differentiation and groups, you don’t feel like you need to be part of specific group, nation, religion. You don’t need to be accepted and approved anymore. That’s such a relieve. Do you realize what weight this need to be accepted puts on your shoulders. Tremendous. So you need to learn to let go of a lot of stuff including people, situations, places you thought you can’t live without. In fact you were attached to those things. And to be attached is different than love, as we already discussed in the relationships topic. Of course you are being judged and accused from the society because you dare to break the rules, to live in your way, to choose you and your happiness. Many won’t understand and will step aside. Let them. It is ok. Don’t cling. What is meant to stay will stay.

Then other people and experiences enter your life. You start connecting with your soul family. And the relation is so strong you can’t believe is possible to resonate and be in sync with people you know for a couple of months at the other side of the planet. You can feel each other, read your thoughts, moods. Wow, it is actually good to be understood and accepted the way you are and not considered freak and  crazy. Paradoxically when you don’t need to be approved and accepted anymore you are. Communication is more easier, no need to hide or pretend, no need to stick to the rules, no expectations to fulfill, no requirements to violate. You can be who you are. If you don’t feel like communicating it’s ok, if the other person doesn’t respond is ok, no one gets hurt of offended.

It is actually… freedom! Being your Higher Self is being free. No greater feeling.


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