Inner work


Yeah, I know, the word “work” doesn’t sound very attractive. It is that thing we are forced to do so we can get income. Actually is quite true for the inner work as well. It is what our soul is forcing us – our ego – to do, so we can become our true selves and start serving the world and do what we are actually here to do. We get paid as well. And… what we receive in return is quite huge. Like psychic powers and increased manifestation skills. For example I am now writing this from one of my favorite places on Earth! My dream island, Santorini! I was imagining this, sitting in that beautiful surrounding and writing. Well, I have still plenty to work, truly, not sure if I even walked half of the road, but still – I have my small successes already and the feeling is amazing. The feeling that you are the one creating your reality! And last before starting the real talk – I am not teaching. Just sharing my experiences and insights.

The inner work starts with being aware. Watching. Your own thoughts, reactions, feelings. But not judging. Just watching. And then, little by little – transforming the  energy. Clearing the negative stuff and the blockages. How? It is not exactly conscious, not with the mind. You need to find your technique to stop the mind, to stop the world as Carlos Castaneda calls it. Because the mind is always worried, keeps talking and talking, focusing on past or future, always distracing you from what truly matters. Looking outside. So the first ting you need to do to start your journey to self mastery is to find your way to get out of the mind.

If you have troubles sitting calm and peaceful for a while like me – doesn’t need to be a meditation in the traditional way, you know. It can be dancing, sports – some activity to engage the body you can lose yourself in. Like to become this activity completely. Or walking and being fully aware of how your body feels and the surroundings – colors, light, smells, sounds. The truth is it is extremely hard to shut down that thing, the mind. At least for me it was. 5 minutes focusing on my breath felt like an eternity, torture. It just kept talking and talking: what if…, you know that…, how could you do whatever…, you forgot to…, bla bla bla! But the key is to keep trying. Not to give up. Even if it seems impossible. Guided meditations are also helpful in the beginning. But then you need to follow your own inner feeling – about the time, place and way to do it. With the time becomes easier. Currently I just start breathing deeper and being aware of my body and – voila! – I feel the energies, connect almost immediately to the higher realms /hi, guys :D/. I am trying to be in this state not just for a while, but to make it my natural state. To be my higher self 24/7 – will talk about it in the next article.

OK, so when you start making efforts in this direction somehow you start getting more experiences in your life to help you. Well… it kind of doesn’t seem like help in that moment 🙂 But it is. You know, your soul, your higher self is always guiding you and when you consciously start with the inner work, little by little your connection to your higher aspects becomes stronger. Ah I keep avoiding to tell you but the truth is that it is like stirring swampy waters… some stuff start coming out to the surface. And it can be pretty scary. Your shadows, inner daemons. Anger, jealousy, feeling unworthy, envy, fears. So… be prepared to face them! That’s needed. So you can heal. And raise. You can experience the Dark night of the soul we’ve already talked about.

I know, I know – why the hell I need to go through this? What for? I’ll tell you why. To be happy. To be your true self. Nothing in this world – no person, experience, place – can give you this. It can’t be achieved from outside. So the storm is worthy going through at the end.

The path of the inner work is often hard and narrow, but goes really high. Like the most beautiful places on earth – have you noticed, it is always hard to get to them: they are endless steps, or rocks to climb, or dangerous path, or diving in the darkness. You define the speed. Well sometimes if you slow down for too long… universe is pinging you. Then pushing you. And… might even hit you. And believe me you don’t want to wait until it takes things under control. Better you to lead. Because otherwise you are left with no choice at the end, only one possible door to enter. Sometimes this is truly painful – not only for you. You will be asked to do leaps of faith. Right, plural. Not only one. Get used to that feeling – standing at the edge and no other way but to jump and to trust universe got you. It became a hobby for me recently, hahah. What’s your hobby – taking leaps of faith, jumping into the nothingness 😀 The truth is… I was scared like hell – still I feel like this sometimes, but it passes – but I was every time taken care of. Universe got me. After each leap I received tremendous gifts. I hope you won’t take this literally and go jumping from highs now to get the gifts, will you.

They are signs on the path as already mentioned in the other posts. Warnings, directions, encouragements. For me those are compulsive number configurations /sometimes I laugh loud because it get truly ridiculous/, songs, sky and light, feathers… The language is specific for each person. You need to think a bit out of the box to see those signs. How to interpret them – important is the way you feel when you experience something like this. Your inner feeling. If you feel tension, worry – might be a warning. If it makes you smile or feel somehow inspired – encouragement. You can also quick google it, numbers and symbols have some main meaning and often it helps iterprete the sign. Now is 11:11 for example! That’s pure encouragement. Not that they are bad or good signs. But sometimes they point we can experience pain if we keep going in this direction. If it happens – not the end of the world – it is meant to be, we will clear and heal some patterns and become stronger and wiser. So no wrong choices at the end. It is taking the shortcut or going the long way. But you will always arrive. And just now a song to confirm what I’m writing. 

They are also teachers and techniques that might help you. But… let this be just the first step, when you are still fully blind and need help from outside. Not that following teachers and reading and being informed is wrong. Not at all. But every journey is different, it is specific. They are main points and things in common, but not really rules and preset templates. Always, always try to listen to your inner feeling, even if you are not sure how. Try to see if it resonates with your truth in this moment. Your body is a great indicator for this. Sometimes some teachings are helpful at one point and later they become inefficient. But if you keep clinging there you get stuck. You stop. Be open. If you are drawn to something – try, explore, if you are not anymore – just confess to yourself, accept it, move further, release it. Not moving is dead, you are literally killing yourself. Well, even literally, in physical 🙂

My reading and taking classes phase was quite long. About 15-16 years! Kind of avoiding the dangerous shortcuts. Why to risk, my life was pretty good. After I became 33 everything just came with a high speed. No more snooze, no more delay. Just go, go, go. I was like wait, what is this, I am not prepared, can I have a break, I don’t understand, just leave me please. But I was not behind the wheel anymore. My higher self got the control. I swear sometimes I said and did things without any intention to. Like some other will was acting through me. Divine will. So at the end you will come to the point where you needto act, to change your life and all the information from external sources will be only to validate your own, to confirm what you’ve already known and felt. I am getting such confirmation sometimes in very mysterious ways. Videos, articles and people in my life are literally answering my thoughts and questions. Sometimes with exact examples and details of my own experiences. It is unbelievable. Once plugged into the network all are connected and everything flows in both directions in constant exchange of information, energy. You will love this. Souls intranet. It is pretty amazing.

At the end… You are doing this for yourself. For your own best. To get the maximum from this earth experience for your soul. But also – you are doing this for humanity as well. For the planet. For the universe. We are living in a time of tremendous shifts that will affect the whole universe indeed. This was your will, your decision. You volunteered. In fact you truly want this, you were truly excited. You just can’t remember this – that’s part of the deal. Sorry if this scares you, but if you are reading this stuff the chance that this is true for you is 99%. You can try to hide and escape. Good luck with that. Even if you succeed you will be miserable. No matter how big your house is, how impressive your car is, how many likes your happy family pics are getting on facebook and where you go for vacation.


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