Dark night of the soul


Well the relationships theme hasn’t been finished, but… guidance!

The title sounds scary, doesn’t it. This is because it is :). But facing our fears and overcome them is the best way to truly elevate, to shift. The best way for the universe to catch our attention. Because we rarely hear the messages unless it starts shouting. Even hitting.

Well we are just in some very specific period of our history. Beyond the human perspective even. So in order to bring this new consciousness, manifest this new reality many of us are kind of pushed. To switch the perception. To finally become our true authentic selves. Because we forgot our true purpose, being deeply stuck in the illusion, in what we think is our comfort zone. But game is over, folks. In fact that shift has already happened. Only the earthly 3D linear time illusion needs a while to catch up. And we will calibrate accordingly. No matter how your lazy ego feels about it! So normal that it is scared.

What is this so poetically called dark night of the soul phenomenon. It is your ego starting to die. It is the death of yourself the way you’ve known it so far. See, your awakening has started a process of a complete transformation of your ego. And if you resist – and usually we resist, because it requires to do lots of things that are far from the comfort zone – you are like putting a block on this process. Like trying to stop a river. So at the end the energy just explodes and destroys that block in some dramatic way.

An analogy that suits the best is the cocoon period for the butterfly. Literally the same! So all for a reason – and for a very good one. Getting your wings.

How to describe it. Well, it is the greatest depression ever. Nothing makes sense. You just see no point to do anything. All the believes and things that are important to you seem false and fake. No one in the world can understand you and you even have no desire to share with anyone. You start facing your deepest fears. They start to manifest one after another. All the shadows start to come to the surface so to say. I don’t want to go into very much details, because words are so powerful recently. I am sure you got it.

What makes this different to the depression itself? The direction. In fact every time we feel depressed it is because we are not aligned with our true purpose and true self, our soul. So we can chose to find ways to suppress it – like pills or trying to run and hide from it in whatever form, anything but not facing it. It works for a while. But when this state makes us to actually start doing the inner work, to clear and heal – we are experiencing the dark night of the soul indeed. You know – it is always darkest right before dawn.

It is called purging – when the fears and shadows are brought to the surface and you experience them in the full intensity = suffer, suffer, suffer – then you are able to clear and remove this stuff, you’ve done with it. This happens when you stop running from it and just stand brave and be it. Be all you are afraid from. Know how it feels. And then you will be able to let it go. You can do it step by step – then it is just a purging stage (hahah, “just”). When it is on all levels and becomes overwhelming so you can’t really function in your everyday life – that’s the dark night of the soul.

It can last days. Or months. I don’t want to mention longer periods but…

And also know that it can happen more than once. Sorry, but that’s the truth. In fact this is just a natural process and it keeps going. Because in your 3D everyday interactions you create stuff than needs to be cleared. Well with the times it gets less and you begin to master the whole things so all proceeds quite fast and not so painful. It is like cleaning dust at home. If you do it regularly doesn’t take much time and efforts, but if you keep postponing it at the end things get really dirty – in all meanings ;). Finally we will permanently shift and raise the vibes so it won’t be necessary anymore or will become automatic, like let’s say sweating.

And another thing. In some cases you are going through this not only because of you and your own issues. Sometimes you are purging, clearing, healing for the collective, for humanity! Especially empaths. I am not saying this means you are something more special then the others, some saviour that needs to be admired – it just is this way, you agreed to do it because you are capable enough. So stop the “Why me???”. And don’t expect anyone to say : Thank you :). You are not doing it because of the reward but because as a soul you love others and have true compassion and willingness to help. Universe will always find way to show its gratitude.

OK, how to handle this stuff in “real” life. We can make it better of course. Although there is no desire for anything, they are some proven tools – even if you need to force yourself a bit to use them. Like sports. Physical activity is just excellent for that kind of state. So make yourself do something, engage your body and mind. And also music. Very helpful, pure medicine /a hint: combine both and you will get…dancing!/. You can also seek for advise and information – by people, who already were there. But the truth is no one can do your own job, you need to handle it alone. Going in nature or being around animals – always helps! And for sure resistance and deny makes things worse! Allow it to be. Surrender. But don’t give up! Say: it is what it is ;). I know it is like that Baron Munchausen who pulled  himself out of a mire by his own hair. But is possible.


At the end… darkness is beautiful. Because it is full with potential! And when the light comes – it always comes, always, always, no matter what – you can see all the hidden beauty behind it, if you have used this time to create it of course!v And then… you just need to spread your wings in the morning light!

P.S. Just saw that pic!



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