32bOh, have I forgotten to mention it so far? I guess I have. Well, you know, turns out we are here for more than just ourselves having that experience. It will be such a waste of energy, don’t you think. And everything in the universe is so perfect and with a reason. Nothing is a waste ;). Do you really believe that all that evolution, the brilliant way our biological system works is just for you to be able to watch TV, have a good meal or even to lie on a yacht enjoying the sun… Come on!

It is like you apply for a job. Before you get on board on Earth ;). You want to evolve and to grow as a soul but also – to help the rest of humanity and the whole planet evolving. I hear you. You are saying – Naaaa, not me. I am good with the TV. Well, of course, you decide. But you know, the reward is worth it. Because when you step on the path and start living your mission, everything becomes so easy, pure magic. Things begin to unfold, to happen flawlessly. And you feel better and better. But you will see only if you try. You can’t truly understand something until you experience it on your own.

It is called service to others. But the paradox is that we are doing it in the best way while serving ourselves. I mean our true selves. And at the end – we are one and the same, behind that 3D illusion of separation. So what you are doing to others, you are doing to yourself as well and the opposite.

Overall now there is this huuuge global mission so to say. To shift human consciousness to a higher level. Everyone is important. Do you know about the the 100 monkey effect? It is so not true that nothing depends on you and you can’t change the world. You can. By changing yourself /ding, ding – cliche ;)/. Because you are changing your frequency. And that affects everything around you. And then everything around the things around you. And so on.

I’ve been struggling a lot with that thing. Although I knew I have a mission and started getting negative feedback from universe – that meant I was not following my mission – I was just stuck. I asked myself – ok, what’s wrong? I know what I like to do, I am doing it, but.. things are not happening! I keep struggling. My “mistake” was that I was looking outside, for some specific external things to do. I thought I need to find that right thing for me and to make it a profession. To get an income. Sometimes it is that way indeed. But for me it turned out it is actually an internal state I need to reach. And now maintain. And the things I thought were my mission are my way to do it. Like dancing, singing, travelling, taking pictures, writing. Maybe someday it will become a profession, but doesn’t matter. Because at this point doesn’t matter what I am doing for living as long as I stay in that vibration. So the mission became: keep your vibration high. But I have to admit – getting to that state in my case was caused by a certain experience which started some processes I will tell about later on. It wasn’t something I did on purpose or something I could control. At a certain point of my life I kind of got…. hmmm energetically ready for it and the whole thing just started! But everyone’s path is different. Just trust that you are not alone on this journey, you are always getting experiences you are strong enough to handle and that are the best for you in this moment.

Again – to find out what is your mission you need to go within. No books or gurus can really tell you. Find out that thing or things that excite you, bring you joy and do it. And don’t attach to it. Because with the time it might change. Don’t be blind and stick to something because you labelled it “Mission”. Ah and the true mission is never making you feel like you are more than the others, higher level or something. That’s again ego ;). Don’t put your nose high. Because you are doing it to serve the world, not for being admired – it is just a bonus you get :).

At the end – you know, if you still choose the TV and reject this higher calling… get prepared. To see doors slamming in your face. One by one. Jobs, relationships, friends, money, health will start to fall apart. So the couch is not a secured place, you know ;). Just saying.


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