Ego-land / 3D / Matrix

tv-slaveThings are getting a bit… deeper. Some stuff needs to be explained in more details so we can go further in the journey… Well, I might lose some of you here, but it is ok! Things don’t need to be rushed.

And yes, I am aware of the fact I might start to sound more crazy. Whatever! If it doesn’t resonate with you – please don’t waste time reading ;).

So. All that we know as  an “objective” reality is… a projection. A holographic illusion. Created so we can function in that type of frequency so our souls can explore specific aspects of the existence in the so called physical reality. Man it is hard to put this in words! I am bad with physics so I am not going to talk about things I am not capable to explain, but there is enough information and people that can prove it the way your mind wants. Of course if it is open to receive such kind of explanations. Check that one for example: Michael Talbot. For me it’s easy because I don’t need proves for the mind, my soul knows when something is true. For me. Because truth is so subjective ;).

Cliche or not but again – it is literally like a movie. Created for you to experience certain things. But somehow on the way we got lost in it. We completely, completely forgot our true identity and get swollen in this 3D illusion. The D is for dimension – but again stuff I am not capable to handle with words ;). The point is – it is just one of many planes of existence! Many, many!

How does it function. Well, I won’t invent the hot water – although the world seems solid and material – the truth is that everything is energy! Electromagnetic energy. Vibrating at a certain frequency. Which defines the way it appears for our human senses – quite undeveloped btw. Or we can use the assemblage point explanation – I had mentioned it already. Your consciousness is focusing the reality through a certain point of perception. But it is not the only one! There is an infinite line of such points. So if it moves a bit – you start seeing reality a bit different but still – quite similar to what all the others are experiencing. If you move it some more – you can start experiencing things everyone else sees as supernatural, not possible, etc. And at the end – you can shift this point so far that you literally move to another dimension! And even disappear from the physical world! Haha, I hear your thoughts – that one looked just crazy in a cute way but she is really insane :D. Is not bothering me.

It is like the radio station. You select certain frequency and get the signal. But if you change it – you will receive different information from another source. It is so simple. So logical!

So our souls can’t enter that type of frequency just like this. They need.. – a vessel! I don’t mean only the body. I mean the main tool we are operating in this reality. The mind. The ego. It really is just a tool! It is not truly you! It is – but there is just so much more. But for a variety of reasons it completely took over the control. Of our existence. We think that we are our thoughts! That we are that never stopping voice in our head. Not more than if we say we are our right leg for example. It is not our most authentic essence.

It is an matrix indeed. The movie is so exact. You know, very often artists are getting their info from the higher realms :). It is a perfect illusion. But even so it has bugs and whoever has the eyes to see, knows. The matrix consists of more matrixes. These are all the systems – countries, finances, corporations. They are controlled by certain individuals but won’t get into the conspiracy theory. They are all build to make you forget who you are – because you are very, very powerful being. To make you identify with the ego. So you can provide all your energy to them. They are rules, they are ways things should be. All your life you need to follow them, not to get off of the group – so exhausting, isn’t it. We are made to believe money is the ultimate goal. It can assure you being normal, being part of the society – get all that material stuff we are convinced we can’t live without. Like OBag :D. Nine to five jobs. Building career /mmm I am so important, so powerful, other people depend upon me/, winning awards, getting more likes on social media /guilty/, handling “critical” issues and “problems” that are just – non existing, completely irrelevant for your soul. But taking all your energy!

Halloooo! Wake up! It is pure slavery! Tell me, when was the last time you were free? You felt happy? All this is so wrong, completely wrong! Everything in you knows this – your body, your heart, your soul, even your mind – but it tries to hide it. Because it will lose its power on you.

The ego-mind is the way this holographic reality is experiencing itself through you. The way it acts and is manifesting itself. The poor ego lives in a horrible world. It perceive itself as a separated from the others – other people and the universe overall. It constantly strives to compete, to prove it is something more then the others, all the time desiring the things it doesn’t have unless they become things it has and lose their meaning. That’s sad, isn’t it! It lives either regretting the past or worrying about the future. Even the good moments from the past make it sad, because they are gone. It constantly feels loss, lack, stress, anxiety. And by that it creates the reality. Based on fear, desire to control and pain mostly. Na? Can you see yourself in this picture?

But I am telling you – it doesn’t need to be like this anymore! It was the way we lived on that planet and it was useful of course, but… it is so over now! Ego world is not efficient anymore. Our souls can’t grow anymore. When something is not of service anymore – what are you doing? You get rid of it. Or put it somewhere and forget about it. And currently this is what is going on. We are getting rid of our ego. But… that tiny little detail – this is painful. It is actually awful, you know. But more about this process later.

OK, I know it got too long and too serious :). Some might have gotten scared. In fact – it is what it is. Will write separately about the ego ways of interaction with other egos and ego relationships.

P.S. – can you see the point ;).


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