It is what it is


This is my lifesaving mantra.

But first a very important clarification: this so DOESN’T mean you need to stay passive, just give up saying It is what it is and playing a victim of circumstances!

With that being said: it is about acceptance /but not armistice/. This is maybe the most important lesson I’ve learned. To surrender. To accept the outcome of my thoughts and actions /= my reality/ the way it is. Trusting that my soul, my higher aspect, knows what is truly best for me in this moment and delivers accordingly. Because when you resist the result, argue, complain – you get more of what you don’t want to. You waste precious time and energy in fighting windmills. Yes, from ego point of view might seem unfair and wrong and overall – bad and painful. But when you little by little start seeing everything from a higher perspective – you find out that all is perfect! And if it didn’t happen the exact same way you might missed some of the best moments in your life. What is happening with you in 3D – ah, we will talk about it later – in that physical reality – is never bad or wrong. It is the mind putting labels. But I will tell you – the mind knows nothing! The mind relates to the past or future or other people and gives its subjective evaluation. Don’t listen to it! It is not possible for it to see the whole picture. It is not fully equipped. Sorry, buddy ;).

Just know that everything is for a reason indeed. This has been proven to me. Million times in million ways. There is just a higher purpose behind everything. It is kind of orchestrated – by our own soul and by higher powers – let’s call it divinity. You can doubt and deny as long as you want, of course. It was hard for me to truly believe it as well. But it has been proven in my own experiences. For example just a few hours ago! So that even my mind finally has accepted it and -imagine! – couldn’t find any other contra arguments :).

It is what it is means I trust everything is for my higher good, I did the best I can and what is not in my control I surrender to the higher powers to handle. Like other people’s decisions or reactions. They have free will. You have full control and responsibility for yourself only! So it is what it is! Even if you don’t like the way it is – accept it. It is showing you something, it is teaching you something! If you don’t know what – ask to be shown to you and… pay attention.

It is what it is is the easier way to change it when you don’t like the way it is /haha, weird wording/. You can improve it only by improving yourself, doing your inner work /need to write about it/ and that’s it! By accepting it you give signal that you are done with it on energy level. You got the messages, understood the issue, healed it. It can be removed now because you’ve taken what you need to take from that experience. And you become free.

With the time you will truly master it. And while first I was repeating this like crazy – fake it until you make it – now I am wondering why for god’s sake I gave so much damn about such things! They now seem so minor, so irrelevant! My ego was such a drama queen! It is even funny. How I used to scream and kick – internally and sometimes externally as well – and not accepting what was happening, no, no, no, impossible! Now is just – hmmm, ok… just the 3D illusion, I don’t care, it is not real – what I need to learn here, aha… Well sometimes I still need to scream and cry to release some stuff. But it is conscious. I just don’t buy in anymore.

And another lesson – still warm, from today, Jan 5th! – sometimes I tend to replace it with I don’t care, it is just an illusion. But… turned out it is another way of denial and creating blockages. Treating the illusion “bad”, ignoring it, means you will get the same back and that might affect your other aspects as well… You care to a certain point – as long it is a way your soul to evolve. The illusion is not an enemy. It is the perfect teacher! So – thank you, dear 3D illusion.

Try. Next time you get triggered, before the avalanch of emotions, words and actions /ah, just Moon in Aries talk /ok, I am overdoing with those remarks :D// just say few times: It is what it is. And it is ok!

P.S. А на български: кот такоа 😀 😀 😀

P.S.S. Ah that one is nice:



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