It is where everything starts. The whole journey to self mastery. Guys, if you want to live happy on this planet, there is just no other way. Especially now.

But what do I need to wake up from??? Ah  I’ve heard that question, haven’t I :). Well, from the illusion you believe is the only reality that exists! That holographic matrix based on ego-mind projected patterns /ugh that got too complicated, haha/ that are practically controlling us. Making us slaves. Making us forget our true power. And… be miserable. Deep inside you know it is an illusion. You feel it. Sometimes it breaks apart and you see. But then you get back to sleep. Because it is all you know. It is secure. And kind of comfortable. Someone else is deciding on behalf of you, you depend on external circumstances, it is just the way it is and you can’t have the power to change it. Right? It is not my fault, I’ve been born in this family, in this country, politicians are corrupted, people are betrayers, life is unfair, bla bla. Honestly, I am so sick to hear this :).

How it happens. It is literally like when you wake up in the morning. The most common scenario: your alarm clock starts ringing. You snooze it… This repeats several times. At the end you finally open your eyes,  get out of the bed and start acting and reacting in this alternative reality – alternative in comparison to the dream state. Of course, while dreaming most of the time you are not aware that it is not “real”, right. You are completely in the movie. It is just the same with the “real” world. Just the same! Ok, I know this is a cliché, don’t boo ;).

That alarm clock can be a book, a movie, a spiritual teacher or other important person in your life, some supernatural experience, etc. That’s the easy scenario. If it works – congratulations! You got the easier way. But the truth is it rarely happens that easy. It might bring some “Aha!” moment and maybe it moves a bit the assemblage point of your consciousness – ah I so want to tell about the assemblage point and the way Carlos Castaneda explains it, but I won’t, I want to keep those articles short and simple. Haha, good luck with that :). But… it is not enough to permanently switch, so with the time it gets back to its usual position and you respectively get back to your patterns and usual perception of the world.

Well, dear, you leave universe with no choice.  It takes the hammer. I am not kidding. It really is like you get hit with a hammer. Or by a truck. Even physically! In these cases you usually lose someone or something you deeply love, or you get seriously sick, or you take the high road by meeting your divine counterpart to mirror all your fears and issues and literally to push you out of this world. This is really the fastest and most efficient way – but the hardest one. You must be very, very ambitious if you’ve chosen this way. Exactly, it is your choice!

The point is you to awaken to your true identity. That you are not the person /per sonare – speak behind the mask/, the mask, the ego that is operating in this material reality. You are a soul! It is completely different! The soul doesn’t compete with others. It has an unconditional love and understanding for everything. It loves without attachment, it is not attached to anything. It lives only here and now. In the pure bliss of every moment.  It is connected to the higher consciousness. It is divine! It knows and sees behind the illusion of the linear time. It has the higher perspective and knows what truly is best for you. And what is leading you to your true joy and happiness. Which is the whole point of the journey.  Yes, the reason you are alive is to be happy! Your mind might need proves and evidences. But… your soul knows. Even if you now doubt and don’t believe. Doesn’t matter. Your soul/higher self is most probably pinging you right now during you are reading this and whispering or screaming – that’s true, do you hear? Your choice if you listen or not! You have a free will.

OK, do all of us need to awaken? People have lived their whole lives with no clue about these things for centuries. Well, things are changing. This planet is changing. The human consciousness is changing. Very rapidly currently. We just can’t stay the way we were. It is not possible anymore. The whole universe has enough of our ego illusion :).

And the “bad” news for all that want to escape this – you can’t. No matter the free will. You can’t avoid it. You can’t postpone it. You have no control. Your mind loses the control completely. Your well known reality just melts away in front of your eyes. Flows like water through your fingers. Hmmm I think I described it too scary – it isn’t. It is beautiful. It is the best thing you can experience! So get on your feet. Do it. You can. And at the end you will feel better. No, you will feel fabulous!

Some hints that this process has started – you are reading articles like this :), you tend to see very often 11:11 or other repetitive numbers, you have troubles falling asleep or you are waking up in the middle of the night, many things in your life began to struggle – even those you thought were stable and perfectly fine, sudden emotional breakdowns, and many, many more – you got it. Don’t worry! All will be well. I promise.

So… what comes further after the awakening I will tell you in the next articles. To be continued!


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